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Nancy Feldman

Vice President
Cyndi Leventhal

Nancy Feldman

Gloria Hannemann



Joining HTA:
     To join the Huntington Tennis Association, please select “Register / Log In” This will take you to the Huntington Tennis Association Network page. Select "Join Network." Once you receive a message that you’ve been approved, you can log in again, and from our Network page, select Leagues. Choose the ladder(s) you’d like to join and click “Join Ladder.” At some point during the process you will be taken to a PayPal page to pay the membership fee. If you'd like a family membership or if you’d prefer to pay by check, please email me for payment instructions.

     Once you're approved you can view the names of the players on the ladder you'd like to join and challenge in anywhere you want. You can call or email a player you'd like to challenge. You have two chances to win a challenge match by June 30 before you are placed at the bottom of the ladder. Once you're on the ladder you can challenge a player simply by clicking the Challenge link next to their name.

     For more information on how the ladders work, please click on the Rules link on this page. You can also see the rules on the Details tab on each ladder page. If you have any further questions, please email me.

Nancy Lang-Feldman,
HTA President

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